Betting on MLB and NBA Games

Betting on MLB and NBA Games

MLB and NBA fans, as well as sports bettors, love to bet on their favorite teams. They do this with either bets made on the money line or utilizing the spread in sports betting. Some prefer to bet on the winning team while others choose the team with the least number of wins. Whatever method you choose, you can do it right away or try to make some money with spread.

Money line betting is the most popular betting option. The sports books at most of the casinos use the money line so that more money must be risked on the favorite and the least money on the underdog in an effort to balance the action on both sides of the equation. The money line at a Las Vegas casino will read something like this:

New York Yankees -150Boston Red Sox +130

In this equation, the negative (-) means the Yankees are the favorites and the positive (+) means the Red Sox are the underdog. Simply, the more money must be risked on the favorite the more you will win. And the more money bet on the underdog, the less you win.

The -150, the equivalent of $150, is the amount you must bet to win $100. So if you bet $150 and they win, you win $150 and have lost $100 (even though you won). With the $100 bet on the underdog, you win $spectacularly (plus the $50 you bet) if the underdog manages to win.

Harnessing the power of sports betting and positive thinking to your advantage can be a successful formula for winning money at sports betting. But first, you have to master the formulas of the sport you are betting on. If you are a quarterback at football, you have to know when to run and when to pass. If you are a bridge expert, you have to know when to take the chance of letting the guy across the line catch up with you.

Here are some examples of situations that almost guarantee you will win:

a. If you have a favorite team playing a game against a very good opponent, the favorite is the slight favorite.

If you think the favorite team is going to win, you want to bet on them. If not, you want to bet on the over. It is that simple.

b. If you do not like the start of a new season, and a game is announced as a future versus an existing game, always bet on the future of that particular game. Your team is always the underdog.

c. Pro basketball games are almost always better when played on their home court.

d. Football, especially at the end of the season, is much softer than baseball in the winter months. Pokerrepublik, although it does have more going for it, is more of a pitchers’ game in the winter.

e. Make sure you are in position to bet before the odds are even on the sportsbook.

Gestures to the sportsbook when placing your bet. Have patience. It is easy to get discouraged and frustrated, but if you stick to your strategy, you will be profitable over the course of the season.