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The Basics of 9 Table Poker Tournaments

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So you have seen poker on TV and after seeing the big pots you may have wondered if you could do the same thing, but you may be worried about getting in too far. The good news is that you can easily enter 9 table tournaments with very little money. The only thing you have to do is to learn a little bit of poker tournament strategy and make some decisions that will have you winning big pots not just one at a time.

9 Table Tournaments – The Basics

A 9 table tournament is the minimum recommended structure for these types of tournaments. Usually there will be 9 players at the table and the top 3 finishers will move on to the next level. Here is a short break down of what you need to know about a 9 player 9 table tournament.

The blinds will be slightly different than regular blinds because of the fact that the bets are pushed. You do not need to put in as much money to get into the game. In a regular blind the blinds are normally taken once and for all the chips are added to the pot. In a nine handed game however chips are added every time the hand is played.

The antes are also gone and in their place there are forced bets. These forced bets go in the middle of the table and keep going until they get to the player that is the dealer. The first person to have 5 chips in the middle of the table from the forced bet gets the option to place a squeeze bet.

Numbers wise it is important to understand that it is perfectly acceptable to shove all your chips in the middle if you are in late position and everyone before you has put in their chips. Leaders and followers are not obligated to stay in the same spot for the entire hand and as a result it is possible to cover more bases.

The squeeze bet is when you place what is called a half-pot squeeze bet. This is when you have a good hand and you think the cards you are holding are better than what the cards you see in front of you. For example, the cards in the flop may look to be mundane looking cards but the possibilities of getting a flush or straight are not gone yet. A regular full house would be 75%, the probability of getting a full house is 30% and the probability of getting a three of a kind is 20%.

Following cards are also another thing to pay attention to. In domino88 the number of cards each player can see is limited. This means you will not be able to see certain numbers unless you go to the river and punt. At the river you can see the river card if you have anything at all.

It is perfectly legal to punt and the act is very common. However, if you follow this advice it might be the least you can do after you lose a hand. The object is to get in the money with style by not losing too much. The idea is to end up just a short way out of the money to decrease the amount of money others need to pay to see what you have in their hand.